About Us

Workplace bullying Online

Workplace Bullying Online (Registered Training Organisation – 31973) is a specialised E-Learning company providing induction training for individuals and major corporations. Our firm has considerable experience in developing essential training for industry across multiple sectors particularly in the fields of compliance, inductions, management and leadership training areas.

Our company combines this experience with leading edge technological capabilities offered through carefully hand-selected solutions and applications that maximise learning and competency outcomes whilst minimising hassles for the client.

We utilise cutting edge multi-media capabilities whilst providing practical, fast-loading programs with simple user interfaces to suite trainees with even very basic PC skills.

In other words, we do not just use flashy multi-media for the sake of it – everything is designed to enhance the learning experience and engage the trainee more effectively.

Workplace Bullying Online is a registered business name owned by Urban E-Learning Pty Ltd. (ABN 34-127-164-621)

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